MemberMe App Instructions

In order to use the MemberMe app (Android/iOS), you need a username and password.


As a member you were sent a link, in an email after receiving your membership packet and card, that allowed you to create both.

If you do not have that email, or have already created a username but have forgotten your password, then please call 303-397-3222 to request a link or password reset.

1. Download the MemberMe app.

2. Open the app and in the search bar type “Centennial.” Centennial Gun Club will pop-up as an option. Select it.

3. On the main screen for Centennial Gun Club you will find a schedule icon. Click it. It will take you to a listing of available range times (a ‘zero’ means that time is unvailable, a ‘one’ indicates that time is bookable). Click an available range time and it will ask you to login.

4. Click log-in, if you refuse you will need to login via the ‘i’ icon on the main screen for Centennial Gun Club in the app. Type in your username and password and you will remain logged in for as long as the app is installed.

If you have followed the above steps then you should be able to book range time.

If for any reason your account has a balance due then you will not be able to use the range scheduling app or online system.

You can update your account to pay any amount owed by calling in, or logging into your EZ facility account that you would usually use to schedule range time online.

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