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Learn How to Control Your Mind
Mental Dynamics Of Peak Performance

Are you tired of shooting a few good shots and throwing others? Would you like to shoot perfect shots all the time? If you gain control of your mind, you can control where your bullet impacts.

Insight Firearm’s Mental Dynamics Class  (Deadly Accuracy Day 2) will provide you with the tools to shoot with precision, and more importantly, you will learn how to shoot with accurate consistency. We will show you how to apply the same mental techniques used by Olympic athletes and World Class Shooters. You will learn how to program motor-movements to the sub-conscience and utilize your mind for complete control of your emotional state.


  • Develop the muscle memory for consistency and accuracy by programming motor skills to the unconscious
  • Learn how to “Enter the Zone” of peak performance on demand
  • Use of Visualization and imagery to refine motor skills
  • Learn how to control your emotions and manage pressure or the stress of an actual confrontation
  • Learn the “Circle of Excellence” technique for tapping into all your hidden resources of potential



Insight Deadly Accuracy is a Defensive Pistol Course and represents the next step in your training after you have received your CCW Permit. If you enjoyed our CCW class you’ll love this one. This class focuses on developing your confidence and level of skill. This will become a primary building block for your “Journey into Mastery”.


  • Learn how to develop a smooth and safe draw
  • Develop speed and accuracy from shot-to-shot
  • Learn how to draw from concealment
  • Increase your accuracy for distance shots
  • Learn speed reloading techniques
  • Learn how engage multiple targets fast and accurately
  • Learn the right way to use cover
  • Introduction to Low Light Shooting Techniques

Concealed Carry Permit Required • Class Size Limited • Pre-Registration Required
Equipment: Pistol, Holster, Speed Loaders or Extra Magazines, Jacket, and 400 rounds of ammunition.

Deadly Accuracy Course™, Speed Shooting Course™ and Killer Low Light Course™
are registered trademarks of Insight Firearms Training Development™

The Insight Training is a valuable skill that will enhance your accuracy and give you another tool to pull from.
Chris G.

An incredible first-step towards overall proficiency with your carry firearm must include accuracy. Having experienced this course and the clear instruction provided, I not only achieved the desired accuracy, but also the tools to maintain a high proficiency level. Cannot wait to take the follow-on courses!

Dr. J

This class exceeded my expectations, greatly improved my shooting accuracy. The knowledge I gained is comprehensive and clear. The instructors were great and enthusiastic.

Barbara M.

This course has taken,  what was a very common approach to shooting accurately,  and brought it to another level.  I have attended courses at other schools that, were not able to produce these results  with 100% of the students attending.  Each and every student I trained with left with the ability to shoot with deadly accuracy,  with each and every shot.  I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their precision with a handgun.

John O.

Whether you’re an experienced shooter who is serious about results or a novice who simply wants a better understanding of the fundamentals, the principals taught in this course will help elevate your performance well beyond your current expectations.

Brad G.

A great course with great insight!

George L.

I have only ever shot a few times, but I knew that I wanted to better my shot and my education on guns. I think that is what is most important – that people get educated on gun usage so they don’t fear them. It’s incredible the advantages this class gives you, I can make a 25ft head shot with accuracy, in a single shot. I know that I can trust myself when it comes to getting the shot right the first time
Katie D.

I consider myself a proficient shooter, but I am always seeking ways in which to improve my skills. The Deadly Accuracy Course filled that need! My ability to shoot accurately with consistency has improved immensely and I look forward attending to the Speed Shooting Course.

Kelly M.

We spend money on guns and think that makes us shooters that is like buying an airplane and thinking we don’t need instruction on how to fly.  This course trains you to shoot with Deadly Accuracy!

John D.

We’ve taken a lot of firearm training over the years from the top instructors and practice regularly so was a little skeptical about a new technique for dramatically increased precision and accuracy.  This course and techniques are a true BREAKTHROUGH.  The Deadly Accuracy technique provides a better fundamental accuracy foundation that can be built on to enhance everything else.  This is the foundation you need to become much more effective.

Carl L.

Very impressed with the consistency of results. Within a class of novice to professional shooters, everyone split a business card on day one.

Jimmy G.

I’ve been a member of this facility since about day one and I shoot as much as I can sometimes 2 hours up to 8 hours a week. I thought that I was pretty proficient with my shooting skills, but after I took your Deadly Accuracy class I came to realize another whole level of marksmanship, the way that Steve & Glenn conducted the two-day class made it truly an enjoyable learning experience. I had doubts when I was told that by the end of the course I would be shooting holes within holes let alone shooting a card in half. The hardest part for me was letting go of my bad habits, but once I did WOW…I am truly Blessed to be part of this educated firearm family. I carry the card I split in half to show others the power of positive thinking and belief…Thanks guys for bringing out the skills hidden within me…

Rev Kelly

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