Defensive Handgun Skills Test


Attention Front Sight Students!

How long has it been since you visited Front Sight Training Institute? Here is an opportunity to come in and train with other Front Sight Members.

Remember when you were told; You’re the weapon, your firearm is just a tool. When it comes to defending your life, you are the weapon; you are the one who will win the fight.

How about; Any gun will do, if you will do and if you do your part. And, “How good is good enough”? Which means you have sufficient skills to win the fight you’re currently engaged in.

Want a better chance to DG on your next visit to Front Sight?

Don’t you think it would be good to have some of the answers to the test before taking it…
…Come and practice with us.

Time: 1st session 5:00P-7:00P and 7:00P-9:00P

Starting March, 2016 there will be only 1 session per/date Starting at 6pm

Thursday 02/11/2016 FS00102112016 REGISTER REGISTER
Thursday 03/10/2016 FS00103102016 REGISTER N/A


1- Dry Practice warm-up drills

2- Firing drill

3- Skills test

4- Malfunction drills required

5- May shoot with or without Concealment garments – Student choice

Same as Front Sight Training Institute

1- Handgun of Choice

2- Must have a strong side kydex non-collapsible holster (if it is a serpa the release button/lever must be disabled) and Magazine pouches

3- Hearing and Eye Protection

4- 50 rounds of ammunition for the gun of choice (hundred rounds suggested)

5- No concealment needed for skills testing


Centennial Gun Club Front Sight Night participants must have attended either a Front Sight 2 Day or a 4 Day Defense Pistol course. Participants do not need to be members of Centennial Gun Club to attend Front Sight Night.