Member Express Check-In

Centennial Gun Club is pleased to offer Member Express Check-In.  The purpose and goal of this program is to provide members with an additional benefit and reduce the congestion at the Range Desk.  We believe bypassing the check-in lines, will enhance your experience at Centennial Gun Club.

Only Authorized Members may use the Express Check-In.  To become an Authorized Member you will need to complete the following at the Membership Desk.

  1. Update your Participant Agreement
  2. Photograph
  3. Scan fingerprint
  4. Receive a Member Express Range Tag


Some Members have already completed the new Agreement (since 4/1/15) and will not have to complete a new one.  You may complete the agreement online before you arrive.  If you are unsure about the status of your Agreement please wait until you meet with our Membership staff.  Otherwise please find: Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 12.31.16 PM at the bottom of this page.  You will be issued a yellow Member Express Range Tag and a green (holster qualified) tag as appropriate.  We no longer ask Express Members to surrender their photo ID while in the Range because your photograph and fingerprint is part of the Check-In software.   If for any reason your fingerprint does not scan, ask the Range staff for assistance.


Express Check-In Instructions

  • Scan fingerprint at the Express Check-In Kiosk
    • Your photo and lane # will appear on the screen to verify your check-in was successful
    • The next Authorized Member in your party may now scan their fingerprint to check-in
    • After the last Member checks in, you may “clear” the check-in screen, just touch the fingerprint scanner with different finger
    • Non-members in your group must check-in at the Range Desk
    • There must be one reservation for every two people checking in.
  • Clip on your Member Express Range Tag so that it will be visible to the RSO
  • Targets and/or ammo may be purchased at the Class III counter or Range Desk
  • If you are renting a firearm, you may use the Express Check-In, then report to the Range Desk to complete your rental
Entering the Range:
  • After everyone in your group has checked in, you may enter the Range
  • For safety reasons, please do not enter the Range (without staff permission) more than 5 mins before your reservation.
    • The clock at the Range entrance is official
    • Your lane may be available early, thus a staff member may give you permission to enter early
    • If you enter more than 5 minutes early, without permission you will be asked to wait outside the Range
    • Abuse of this safety rule may result in loss of Authorization to use Express Check-In
  • All shooters in your group, report to the RSO and show your Check-in tag