US Law Shield Gun Law Seminar and Gun Trust Workshop

Do you know the laws?



US Law Shield Gun Law Seminar and Gun Trust Workshop


FEE:  $15.00 Law Seminar and $10.00 for Trust Workshop

Refunds: None. Participants may move to a different seminar date/time upon request. 

US Law Shield will be presenting a new Gun Law Seminar this Saturday afternoon, hosted by Centennial Gun Club.  This seminar will feature subjects from the new Informed Series seminar rotation.

We are most pleased to be joined by Criminal Defense and Civil Attorney Tim Priebe, an experienced jurist recognized for his work on 2nd-Amendement issues.  Not only is he directly experienced in firearm legal matters, but he is also the author of a widely recognized online blog regarding firearm law, and a former law enforcement officer.  Mr. Priebe has been a practicing attorney since 1993. He started his law practice in San Diego after 10 years in law enforcement in the San Diego area.  He will be speaking on the topics of Prospects and Dynamics of Civil Repercussions From Discharge of a Firearm, as well as “Defense of Self and Others” law and Colorado’s “Make My Day” Law.

Detective/Investigator Darrel Dye has been in law enforcement since 1972, as a Special Agent for the Office of Special Investigations of the U.S. Air Force, and later with the Colorado Springs police force.  Since 2010 he has worked with the El Paso County District Attorney’s Office.  He holds two Master’s degrees and is a recognized authority on firearm matters.  Darrel will be presenting Law Enforcement: Adverse Interaction With A Police Officer.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to interact with our speakers, ask questions, and learn much more about firearm law in Colorado.  These are new topics, and there is great interest in learning more!  Register to join us at to reserve your seat today!  Spaces are filling fast!

REGISTER for this seminar/workshop or both —  limited seating available.



**When scheduled the NFA Workshops begin 30 minutes after the Gun Law Seminars ends.

Firearms Legal Defense Seminar

Spend an afternoon with the U. S. Law Shield Firearms Legal Defense Program Attorneys and U.S. Law Shield staff for a firearms and self-defense educational seminar!

Under our program, if you use a firearm, from the moment you need it, you will be assisted and defended by a lawyer who is a Member of our Firearms Legal Defense Program. Your lawyer will represent you in any Firearm’s related legal proceeding (criminal or civil) covered by the program, for zero attorneys’ fees. No cap or limit on attorney time.

US Law Shield Gun Trust Workshop

“In the past, the most common manner in which to obtain restricted Class III items (silencers, full-auto firearms, etc) was to fill out the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) Form 4 and register the weapon as “individual” ownership.  Recent changes have led to unprecedented requirements resulting in severe restrictions on the “individual” purchase of these items.  A solution to these limitations is to assign your ownership to a trust. US Law Shield attorneys and staff will provide you detailed information, teach you what you need to know, and help you establish a trust for your friends and family.  Come and learn about a Gun Trust.

U.S. Law Shield of Colorado, LLC has established its N.F.A. Program as a one-stop legal program for Colorado residents who desire to own or possess Title II items that are regulated by the National Firearms Act, and that legally defends your trust if challenged.”

U.S. Law Shield NFA Program Gun Trust

U.S. Law Shield of Colorado, LLC established its N.F.A. Program as a one-stop legal program for Colorado residents who desire to own or possess firearms that are regulated by the National Firearms Act.

  • Why a gun trust?

o   Keep your NFA items separate from regular guns and other property

o   You do not need to be fingerprinted for ATF forms

o   You do not need a photo for ATF forms

o   You do not need sign-off from the chief law enforcement officer for ATF forms

o   A trust does not require up keep in terms of annual business taxes and fees as opposed to corporations, LLC’s, etc.

o   When buying an NFA controlled item you only need to present a copy of your trust to the dealer, pay for the tax stamp in addition to the item, the dealer will submit your Form 4 on your behalf

  • Why U.S. Law Shield Gun Trust?

o   Quick turnaround, we strive to complete a trust for a member within 2 or 3 business days.

o   We are experienced having helped thousands of law abiding gun owners legally own an N.F.A. item(s).

o   Step by step instruction and real legal advice from our program lawyers as to what is the best manner for our member to purchase and own an N.F.A item(s) (machine gun, suppressor, short barreled rifle/shotgun, A.O.W. and/or D.D.)

o   Personal service and guidance during and after your transfer.

  • How Do I Get Started?

o   Go To

o   Click “Enroll Today”

o   Enroll and complete payment, Submit

o   You will receive an email welcoming you to the program.

o   You will immediately be sent a questionnaire to fill out (if you have any questions call at any time)

o   Once questionnaire is submitted your trust will be drafted

o   Final consult with a program attorney to review and complete the trust

o   Your trust will be sent to you electronically

  • Services After Your Transfer is complete

o   Transfer Defense™ (Offered Exclusively by U.S. Law Shield of Colorado, LLC)

o   Add additional NFA items to your trust for 19.95. Discounted prices for N.F.A. members who need to revise trust/additional transfers. The current member price for additional transfers is $19.95.

o   Reduced rates for any N.F.A. members if they have any other legal issues involving the N.F.A. or B.A.T.F.E. not involving the transfer.

o   E-mail updates on firearms law and N.F.A. law.

o   If the member also joins the U.S. Law Shield of Colorado, Firearms Program, their use of any N.F.A. Item in accordance with Law Shield terms is covered.

o   N.F.A. Program Membership Card – We recommend carrying your membership card, along with your required paperwork (Form 4, Trust documents, etc.), whenever you have the N.F.A. Item in your possession. The membership card is not required by law of any kind, but it can make people unfamiliar with N.F.A. law more comfortable if you should ever need to reassure them of your legal status.

o   Continuing N.F.A. support – If you have an N.F.A. question, call us, “We are here to help!”