NFA Trust Workshop

In the past, the most common manner in which to obtain restricted Class III items (silencers, full-auto firearms, etc) was to fill out the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) Form 4 and register the weapon as “individual” ownership.  Recent changes have led to unprecedented requirements resulting in severe restrictions on the “individual” purchase of these items.  A solution to these limitations is to assign your ownership to a trust. US Law Shield attorneys and staff will provide you detailed information, teach you what you need to know, and help you establish a trust for your friends and family.  Come and learn about a Gun Trust.

U.S. Law Shield of Colorado, LLC is presenting six (6) N.F.A. Gun Trust seminars during the month of March, 2015
Cost:  $15.00
Refunds: None. Participants may move to a different seminar date/time upon request.

Where: Centennial Gun Club, Training Center
11800 East Peakview Avenue Centennial, CO 80111

DAY DATE TIME Trust Workshop Only
Saturday TBA

If you want to own a suppressor/silencer, a machine gun, short barreled rifle or shotgun, U.S. Law Shield can help you through the legal process start to finish.  Their NFA Program includes all legal fees for advice and preparation of all necessary legal documents to lawfully own firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act.

U.S. Law Shield of Colorado, LLC has established its N.F.A. Program as a one-stop legal program for Colorado residents who desire to own or possess Title II items that are regulated by the National Firearms Act, and that legally defends your trust if challenged.

Come and join us and get all of your questions answered.


As many of you are already familiar with the use of a NFA Trust for the purchase and possession of silencers, SBR’s and full-auto firearms, the interest has been expressed in expanding the US Law Shield NFA Workshops to address more advanced topics.

US Law Shield and an attorney will be presenting an Advanced NFA Workshop to review what comes after you have your trust.  We will also have a highly experienced gunsmith joining us for the discussion.  We will be addressing more advanced issues such as “How do silencers work, and what differentiates one design from another”, “How to build your own Short Barreled Rifle and What Components Can Be Utilized”, as well as  how to file the NFA Form 1 to register your own firearms designs.

Derived from some of the more basic topics covered in our NFA Workshops that so many of you have already attended before, the Advanced NFA Workshop was developed by request of trustees to further explore the possible uses of the NFA trust, its provisions and the items that can be listed there.

Come join us to explore the world of firearms design and construction, and to talk about your trust and how to expand its utility.  Seating is limited, so register today!

DAY DATE TIME Advanced Trust Workshop Only


Cancellation Policy:

Course Cancellation/Change

  • Substitutions of attendee may be made at any time.
  • Attendees must cancel at least 72 hours prior to the course date to receive a full refund less a $15 administrative fee.
  • For cancellations received within 48 hours of the course date no cash refunds will be provided.  Instead, a one-time class rescheduling can be made.  A rescheduled course must occur within 12 months from original course date.  If a course has not been attended within the 12 month period all course fees are forfeited by the participant.
  • Failure to attend the course or cancellations less than 48 hours notification will result in no refund or credit of the course fee or rescheduling.
  • The Gun Store at Centennial reserves the right to cancel or reschedule seminars at any time.  IF we cancel or reschedule the seminar due to weather or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, you are entitled to a full refund.  The Gun Store at Centennial is not responsible for travel arrangements, travel fees, or any expenses incurred by you as a result of such cancellation.  IF the Gun Store at Centennial cancels a seminar in which you are enrolled, you will be contacted at the email address you provided when registering, so please be sure to provide a valid email address and check your-email prior to attending class.