Wednesday, January 17 • 6PM to 8PM • Centennial Gun Club
We’ve been looking for ways for you to participate in new experiences Beyond PaperTM. We found it and want to share the fun with you:

  • Fun and challenging game-changing technology
  • State-of-the art cinema projection
  • Reactive targets projected down-range
  • Real-time digital data-capture system
  • Interactive, unique challenges to improve skills
  • Live fire, full motion

You are invited to attend an exclusive orientation session for Centennial Gun Club Statesman Members. Our guides will show you how to use the system so you will achieve the most out of this new technology. In addition to shooting V.A.S.T. scenarios, you will learn how to:

  • Book lane reservations on the V.A.S.T. shooting lanes
  • Operate the V.A.S.T. system in your shooting lane
  • Enhance the sound system combined with V.A.S.T.

Be one of the first to enjoy this new class of interactive entertainment. We’re confident you will have a great time and value what V.A.S.T. delivers.

If you would like to introduce a friend to the system, please include your guest’s name on your RSVP.


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